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Charles Viancin - Wintry Mix

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Wintry Mix always comes.  Sometimes you wait anxiously for it.  Sometimes you dread it.  But, it always has an element of excitement to add to your life.
Play video  above for quick demo.

With our Wintry Mix (that's the way the weather guys always say it - they never say wintery mix),  you get an 11" CLEAR silicone lid (perfect for topping off a skillet and watching the sizzle) and a 9" Winterberry lid to cover and carry the final dish.  You'll also get a bottle stopper in case you want to provide a bottle of wine at home or at friends'.

The silicone lids replace the tussle of trying to manage plastic wrap or foil.  You need only to gently place the lid on your container and achieve an airtight seal.  AND the process can be repeated as many times as desired.  

The silicone lids are safe in the microwave, oven, freezer, refrigerator, and as a stovetop lid.  They are super easy to clean with a quick rinse of soap and water.  Also, dishwasher safe.

Your Wintry Mix group:
11" CLEAR  round lid (perfect for a skillet or a popcorn bowl)
9"   Winterberry Lid
4"  Drink Cover, set of 2 (keep that cocoa warm!)
Bottle Stopper

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